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About Us

About Us

Our vision of excellence

Elite Residential Concierge begins with a vision. A vision to bring excellence to concierge and security services by:

  • Raising industry standards of quality.
  • Delivering unparalleled customer service.
  • Bringing over a decade of expertise and resources to every residence we service.
  • Consistently providing the most innovative concierge and security services in the industry.

This commitment means that our focus never wavers from our goal of providing residents with a specialized service that combines the assurance of a licensed security guard and the exceptional care of a luxury establishment concierge. Residents’ safety and security is our top priority. We pride ourselves in maintaining close working relationships with Residents, Board Members, and Property Management. At Elite, Customer Service and Protection come before anything else.

Our Personalized

We believe a partnership needs to go beyond providing personnel resources. Therefore, we invest in training our teams to be experts, including:

  • Superlative employee engagement programs.
  • Industry-leading learning and development.
  •  Understanding each individual condominium complex and its residents, and customizing a personalized security and concierge solution to fit their needs.

All of these initiatives are supported by state-of-the-art technology and hands on management.

Our Responsibility

We encourage individual, team and organizational growth. We honour our service commitment to customers, employees and the community. Community safety and security is our priority.

We build trust, respect and integrity in every relationship & interaction.

Employee Commitment

We reward and recognize service excellence, team success and individual achievement.

Offer development programs that enable employees to do their jobs with pride and confidence.


Founder & Ceo

Salim Bel Mamoun

Providing an exceptional lifestyle for our clients and their communities at all touch points is at the forefront of our business model. Our promise is that our clients, whether property managers, board members, residents or guests, are treated to five-star service from the moment they enter the property. We tailor our solutions to fit your community’s needs.


Elite’s combination of skill, experience, professional ethics and vision to attend to the unique demographics of the Dynasty is exactly what we have been looking for in a site security provider. Additionally, we are confident that Elite Residential Concierge would never misrepresent a problem or neglect to attend to their contractual obligations. I would Highly recommend Elite Residential Concierge for your condominium corporation or shared facilities if you are seeking a competent, trustworthy and professional site security and concierge services contractor.

Peter Locke, R.C.M.
Property Manager
On behalf of the Board, the Owners and the Residents of the Domain condominium, TSCC1860, I want topersonally thank you for the effective leadership you have demonstrated over the past week. Your immediate personal action and response on a weekend, and your intervention with the Property Management to contain and resolve the situation, were impressive, reassuring to all and sincerely appreciated. I thank you for your efforts and commitment which were above and beyond any contractual agreement.

Roger J. Smith
President, T.S.C.C. 1860
We have been working with Salim and his team for over seven years; we have been completely satisfied with their professionalism and quality of work.

Their "skill set", experience and "hands on" philosophy with an emphasis on team building has served our residents well.

I am happy to highly recommend the services of Elite Residential Concierge Services Inc.

Carmen Magdalinis
Property Manager Brookfield Condominium Services Ltd

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